Angablue® was founded in 2001 in Brazil.

Specializing in jewellery and accessories, the label is well known for the unusual designs and materials used in each piece.

In 2005, Angablue® became a London-based company, where it continues to create and forecast fashion trends in jewellery and accessories placing a priority on making pieces of the highest quality standard and unique designs.

British Made Quality Products




“The brand name came from the South American indigenous Tupi-Guarani* word for soul = anga, because we put our heart and soul into our work. When we think of Angablue®, we think of a blue sky, bare feet on the ground, trees, birds… Angablue® was created with the intention of offering singular and exotic handmade products. Our moto is that everyone who wears our jewellery feels unique and special. We always try to make items that combine technique and natural materials. The purpose of the brand is to re-connect human beings with Mother Nature by valuing the art of hand crafted design, thus treasuring the products’ individuality.”

Angablue Design Team


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