How to knot and make a pearl necklace

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IMG_6518Photo: 18″ classic chocker made with 7-8mm pearls

Materials and tools you will need:

  1. Pearls or beads. You can use any bead or pearl size as long as the inner hole is 0.8mm. In this project, I used a strand of 7-8mm freshwater pearls with 0.8mm hole drilled through (this inner hole will determine the size of the silk thread). 
  2. Two metres of Griffin silk cord size S6F (approx. diameter 0.35mm). This thread width is ideal for 0.8mm inner hole pearls.
  3. Two 10mm cuts of gold french wire
  4. Gold clasp. I used ClaspGarten 23 carat gold box clasp with faux pearl detail. 
  5. G-S Hypo Cement Glue with needle tip
  6. Scissors
  7. Wire cutter (for the french wire, although scissors can be used)
  8. Measuring tape
  9. Beadalon collapsible eye needle medium (0.36mm x 6.4cm)


IMG_2167Thread the eye needle. String most of the pearls – leave 6 of them aside (they will be used at the end). Thread one of the french wire cuts, pull it through and place it in the middle of the silk thread. Thread the clasp ring and bring the thread back through the first pearl. Bend the wire, forming a loop. Tighten the first bead so that there is not gap in between the french wire loop and the first pearl. Tie a double knot in between the first and the second pearls, then, pull the thread through the second pearl and repeat this step to all strung pearls, except the last one. On the last strung pearl, add glue before tightening the knot and trim the thread (this thread should be the one with the needle, which should also be the shorter tail). Later, swap the needle to the remaining tail, string the left 6 pearls and the final french wire cut. Thread the clasp ring and bring the thread back through the last bead. Make sure you do not leave too much space in between the 6 remaining pearls, just enough to tie knots in between them. Before finishing tying each double knot, add a small amount of cement glue to it. This will secure the knot. Pull the thread through the next pearl. Repeat this step to the remaining 5 pearls. Finally, trim the thread tail.  Watch our YouTube video tutorial for more guidance, click here.


Length of the necklace: It is virtually impossible to predict the final length of the necklace. This is because natural pearls are organic materials, with different diameters. The best way is for you to decide on the length as you add pearls to the necklace. keeping a measuring tape closely. Although, in order to give you some reference on this, I created the following table, with approximate values:


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